Friday, August 6, 2010

Early in the process

We began the process of adopting from Korea in October of 2009.  We went through 4 different home study agencies before finding one that Korea would approve of.  Once we found an approved agency, we began our home study in April 2010.  Here is our timeline so far.  (I didn't do this with Ava's adoption, I wish I would have).

04/16/10:  first home study meeting in Indy
05/01/10:  home study in our house 
07/21/10:  home study update complete
07/21/10:  I-600A sent to Immigration
07/28/10:  home study sent to Seoul, South Korea
08/26/10:  I-600A fingerprinting at Homeland Security in Indy
08/30/10:  got our I-171H
09/15/10:  I-600A accepted and sent to Embassy in Seoul

So, we do nothing now.  We simply wait for our referral.  We were told 4-6 months and we pray that is the case.  Our referral will be a minimum of 5 months old b/c Korean babies are not put up for Int'l adoption until they are 5 months old.  The Korean gov't wants Korean people to adopt their babies, so they get first dibs.  And then after we accept our referral, we will travel to Seoul 3 months later.  We only need to stay for 3 days, but we will stay a couple extra days to sightsee. 

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  1. Hey erin!! I love your blog!! It is great to see all of the pictures of your beautiful family! I would love to talk to you about your adoption experience in Korea and what agency you used both times! My email is!

    Thanks and talk to you soon!