Friday, April 22, 2011

Life at home

We have been home from Seoul for 3 weeks now.  Reid screamed since the minute we got to see him at the foster mom's apartment.  He wanted nothing to do with us.  I was okay with it, but it was really sad to see him grieving for a couple weeks.  After 2 weeks home, that was the turning point.  Reid realized that we were his mommy and daddy and his grieving seemed to stop.  He would wake up around 5 times a night, and get a bottle for 1 of those times.  But now that we're into our 3rd week home, he's doing so well.  He sleeps a lot better.  On average he only wakes up 2 times a night.  He loves our puppy dogs and his big sister.  He can't get enough of her!  He's turned into such a mellow, happy little guy.  He is so content most of the time to just play with his toys.  His favorite thing right now is the Little People Barn.  He does NOT want held or carried unless he is having a bottle.  He's just too busy to be held.  Yeah for my back!!  Life is good!  Here are a couple pictures from Korea and a couple from home.


  1. Great pictures! I saw Life at home and then the picture of Elisabeth and was confused, but then saw Reid's FM and realized some must be from Korea. :)
    Thinking of you! Glad he's doing so well!

  2. He is darling, I hope it was a great Easter with him home!