Monday, June 6, 2011

Starting off Summer

Last week we got Reid a water table.  He loves the water and can't get enough of it.  He's out there splashing everyday.  This weekend we took a trip to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  Reid LOVED the zoo!  He was amazed by everything he saw.  He would point and scream and just had a good time.  He calls every animal he see's an "Eddie"....b/c our dog is named Eddie.  lol!  His favorite thing at the zoo was the Great Barrier Reef aquarium.  He went crazy for the fish.  And Ava's favorite thing to do at the zoo is brush the goats.  That just makes her day!  Reid wasn't afraid of the goats, even though they were eating his shirt, as long as I was nearby.

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  1. So fun! Enjoy summer! :) We're about ready for it to start here!