Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We took Ava and Reid to the Zanesville Halloween party a week before Halloween.  I used to go to this party when I was little.  There is a costume contest for different age categories, hotdogs and nachos and bingo.  We stayed for the costume contest and Ava grabbed a hotdog.  Ava won 1st place for her Candy Corn Witch costume.  She won $5. (Remember this is super small town America!)  There were more kids than ever before at the contest this year.  I bet there was 20 kids in the 0-2 age category when usually there are 6 or 8.  Reid loved watching everyone. 

On Halloween we went to a Trunk or Treat in Ossian, we hit the retirement appartments, and then we went into Ossian's large housing addition.  Once he saw Ava trick or treat at the first house, he was set.  From then on he ran and screamed the entire 2 hours we were out.  He had the time of his life.  He was an absolute riot.  We never laughed so hard.  Next year, oh man, watch out!  Oh, and everyone thought I made his scrubs and Ava's witch dress.  LOL!

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