Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Party

This year Reid and Ava shared a birthday party (since their birthdays are 1 month apart).  They loved it.  It made it seem more like a party and it was easier for everyone all around.    Reid had an Elmo cake and Ava wanted Barbie.  Reid got some nice things.  He got a pirate ship, an Elmo backpack, a magna doodle, a Thomas the train and outside toys.  Ava is into Barbie, so she got lots of Barbie dolls, clothes and play sets.  Even a Barbie laptop. Her prize possession is a Pilot Barbie!  Ava wants to be a pilot when she grows up!  Then the kids got a 10' blow up pool to share.  They live in this pool!  SO hard to imagine Ava is 6 already and Reid is 2.  Wow!  

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