Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ava's news

Ava has started swimming lessons. She goes 2 times a week for the month of May. She has so much more confidence this year. Last year she would panic if her feet didn't touch the bottom of my aunt's pond. But this year, she jumps into the pool to her instructor. She trusts herself and the instructor enough now to float on her back and float on her stomach. She slipped off of a pool noodle in the deep end of the pool, which was 12'. She didn't freak!! I could see her trying to get to the surface of water. I bet she was under for 5 seconds before her instructor saw her and helped her up. When she surfaced, she was laughing! OMG!

And Ava got glasses. This came as a total shock. She went to get her free kindergarten eye screening, and the doctor said her eyes were bad! She has 'severe' astigmatisms on both eyes, and she is far-sighted. Poor kid, no wonder she had trouble writing and why she always sat 3' away from the tv. She loves her glasses and that she can SEE now. She's doing great with them!

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  1. Go Ava! Such a cute swimmer and she looks adorable in her new glasses!