Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reid's 1st Birthday

Reid's birthday was kept simple.  I only made one dol tower.  I went to an Korean market and got a couple kinds of Korean candy (that was very good) and some Korean moon pies.  That was all the more adventerous I could go with Korean treats for family members!  Reid's hanbok was big on him.  He wore the top and the hat.  The pants don't even fit my 5 year old, so it will be awhile before he can wear them!  Out of the doljabi items we had Reid choose from, he chose a ball....this is supposed to mean that Reid has a future in sports.  Reid was a little slow at wanting to get his hands in his birthday cake, so I pushed his hand in for him.  Once he tasted the frosting, it was all over.  Reid has a major sweet tooth.  He loved frosting!  He had frosting in his ears and nose too.  Daddy hosed him off in the tub!

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